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I thought I'd post a few more photos just so no one got the idea that the project has been abandoned. Apart from the financial situation, I've been busy with a lot of other things, including being involved in putting together a history of our church for its 100th anniversary. That's done, and the money is coming back in, so it looks like the next step will be a spiral staircase. We'll probably be buying a kit.
Nothing new has been done, other than to move an old Laker's chair, belonging to my step-daughter, but which my wife wanted out of the living room, although I like it.
The west side is fully insulated, with part of the wall in place. The other side so far has only the soffit vents.
A view of the street through the only window, on the north end of the attic. I'll probably be replacing this window entirely when I put one in on the south side. We're hoping to be able to buy the white/brown house adjacent to our's.
Nothing new here.
I like the way it's going so far.