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It looks bigger with a floor, doesn't it?  Straightening the clutter didn't hurt either.  All that's left to the floor now is a couple of rows on the east side, and to fit the wide end boards in place.
Before setting the wide end boards in place, I'm going to run prop vents along the slope of the roof.  Hopefully, that will help with the ice damming.
I've only got a few rows of floor boards to go on the east side.
At some point, I think the previous owners left the only attic window open and exposed to the elements.  The wood is rotted, and I think the whole window will need to be replaced.  This shouldn't be a problem.  I'll probably do it around the same time that I add a window on the other side.
Nothing to add here.  It just look so ... large.
This is sort of an odd perspective.  It's a view of the attic entryway from atop a stool.
Just another picture of the attic entryway.