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The photo makes it look off center, but it's really not ... I hope.
The anticipated problem with access to the stairs is solved with a platform at the base of the stairs. There will, of course, be steps leading to the platform.
The only way we could find to make the math come out correctly is to go with 9-inch risers and seven-inch stairs. The steps are a little higher than I'd like but I'm sure we'll get used to it.
Initially we were looking at a narrower approach to the attic, but we decided that the entry to the attic can be large enough to allow us to carry things up and down.
The stair will block the window, bu then, it's a closet, and we used to have a bureau obstructing it anyhow.
It's not really as tight as it looks. We do have enough room on the north side of the stair to walk around it