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After a long hiatus, we've finally restarted work on the attic conversion. It began by making a big hole in the second floor closet ceiling. I would rather have the attic stair enter the attic in a west-east direction, but that would require removing too many of the attic floor beams. Going in from a south-north direction only requires that I cut into one of the floor beams.
Just a closer view of the hole in the closet ceiling.
So far, only the right-side stair beam is in place.
Making stairs requires a level of mathematics that doesn't come easy to me, so I've got someone helping me with this one.
Just a view of the hole from the closet door. It's going to be a little tight gaining access to the stairs, and it'll take up a bit of our closet space, but it seems to be the best alternative. We had considered pull-down stairs, but since we'll be using the attic as a bedroom for our nephew, that wouldn't be appropriate. Spiral stairs would have worked and perhaps been a better idea, but we decided on a regular stair, thinking that it would be easier.