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Without a floor, the only use we had for the attic was for the storage of, mostly my stuff, that Michelle wanted to get out of the way.  Except for the support beams running east and west, and a few boards nailed on top of them, moving about in the attic risked falling through to the second floor.  Fortunately, that hasn't happened.  The gray dusty stuff is old insulation.  Yes, the pop can that you can see sitting on the green storage container is a diet Moxie can.  Moxie is the drink of Mainers.  That's Dennis with his head in the attic entryway.
Kneeling on the very first few boards that I put down, that's me sawing on the end of one.  The view is looking north from the attic entryway.
I had never done this before, so it was all new to me.  Dennis had the very good idea of starting in the middle of the room rather than at one of the edges, as I was going to.  It proved to be the better idea.
Now that it's been cut to fit around the chimney, I'm nailing it into place.
That's Dennis standing on the stepladder.
That's Dennis on his way down.