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I've finished installing the prop vents on the west side up to the attic entryway.  Now I'm starting on the east side.
It may be overkill, but since it will be nearly impossible for me to get at them again once I've completed the project, I wanted to make sure that they would stay where they belong by duct taping them, as well as stapling them in place along the edges and the center.  I've also found that the staples sometimes want to make holes or go through the styrofoam, so I'm covering them with duct tape as well.
This is as far as I've gotten on the west side so far -- all the way north to the end, and this far to the south.  I can't go any further until I remove the old crossbeams on the south side.
I'm stuffing the seams of the crossbeams with insulation material and holding it in place with duct tape as well.
I'll probably remove the last two crossbeams on my next work day.  It'll make it more difficult for me to get up into the attic, as I use the on nearest the entryway to pull myself up, but I'll manage.
On the far south side, I'm still short one crossbeam.  I'll need to pick up another load of prop vents, so I suppose I'll pick up another 2x6 on the same trip.  I want to price the lumber at Home Depot anyhow, to see how it compares to Lavasseur's.