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Now that I have a floor that will permit me to get closer to it without a risk to life, I can get a clearer look at the roofing issues that will have to be dealt with this spring.  The wood is still good but, as you can see, it is wet -- and water stains can be seen along the outside of the chimney.
With large gaps between the roofing lumber, intact roofing material is essential.
A small wet spot can be seen over on the northwest side of the attic, as well.
With the center of the attic floored, it is so much easier to get around up there.
From a vantage point to the west of the north chimney and facing south, you can get an idea of the amount of extra living space a finished attic will give us.  Once completed, Denny will have the largest bedroom in the house.  Currently, the roof support beams are low, only a few feet off the floor, but I've spoken to a contractor who has done some work for us downstairs, and he has told me that I could move them up, even to within 16 inches of the crest of the roof.  I won't need to go up that far with them in order to give us enough headroom.
On the north end of the attic, facing east.  I've stacked most of the stored junk onto the completed parts of the floor.