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The New Believer's Bible

Including the subtitle, the full name of this Specialty Bible is The New Believer's Bible: First Steps for New Christians. Based on the New Living Translation, it was published by Tyndale House in 1996.

Intended to serve as the "user's manual of life," the Believer's Bible is designed for new Christians. Evangelical in orientation, it seeks to deepen the spiritual life of the reader, helping them to gain a basic understanding of the basic beliefs of Christianity.

Features include four reading tracks interspersed throughout the Bible text, focusing on:

  • Cornerstones
  • First Steps
  • Off and Running
  • Big Questions

Other features include a guide to Bible study, a list of 52 significant Bible stories, an overview of the Bible, a list of memory verses, a section on the prophecies relating to Jesus, and a glossary of Christian terms.

The New Believer's Bible is a good choice for the new Christian, or the longtime believer who feels a need to revisit the basic principles of Christian faith.




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