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Recent years have seen a proliferation of Specialty Bibles targeting groups of people within the general Christian community, or addressing specific needs that people might have as they study their Bible.

Whether addressing the unique needs of women, men, couples, people in recovery, teens, students, or people of the same cultural heritage, Specialty Bibles are designed to connect the Bible message with the spiritual needs of particular segments of the Christian community.

Specialty Bibles are not special translations. Rather, they supplement the text of other translations with special study notes, illustrations, or devotional material, usually along a theme.

Specialty Bibles are Study Bibles, but intended for a specific and often narrow target audience. If your own life situation falls within that of the target audience, a Specialty Bible might be a good choice for you.

As I did with the other Study Bibles, I'll describe some of the more popular ones, giving enough information to assist you in evaluating its worth to you.