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American Sign Language (ASL) Bible

The complete New Testament is now available in American Sign Language (ASL) for the handheld iPod or other MPEG-4 (mp4) media player from Deaf Missions. It is also compatible for use with a multimedia slide presentation. The Bible: ASL Translation to go is in data format. The Bible: ASL Translation - New Testament is also available on DVD and VHS.

The Omega Project began in 1981. The purpose of this project is to translate the entire Bible into the visual language of ASL. Scholars, translators and ASL specialists have worked as teams through the years to accomplish this huge task. The New Testament was completed in 2004. The Old Testament translation project continues.

When the project began, current technology was only imagined. That technology now allows the translation to be available through the portable handheld iPod. "The iPod version allows Deaf people to have a pocket New Testament in their own language," says Chad Entinger, Associate Director and Executive Director-Elect for Deaf Missions.

The Bible: ASL Translation to go - New Testament is available from Deaf Missions. A complete 5-set DVD is also available. Additionally, the mission has begun a translation of the Old Testament. A translation of Esther is available on one DVD or VHS tape. A videotaping session was held Friday, March 31, 2006. The team completed an updated translation of Ruth and Jonah, as well as the book of Obadiah. The team plans to continue work on the Minor Prophets later this summer.

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