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The Family Walk Devotional Bible

Published by Zondervan Corporation in 1996, The Family Walk Devotional Bible includes topical studies taken from Family Walk, a monthly magazine published by Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. Founded by Bruce Wilkinson, the mission of WTB is to communicate the central themes of Scripture and their practical life applications.

As its name implies, the Family Walk Devotional Bible is a family oriented bible, containing daily devotional readings addressing family issues. Topics include creation, wisdom, security, and mercy. A primary focus is on matters that concern children 5 to 12 years of age. Some devotionals raise questions, while others encourage the reader to compose answers to specific passages of Scripture. Basic questions are asked and answered in full-color pages known as "Big Questions."

Each Bible book is preceded by a brief introduction to its basic message and context. The text is the New International Version. The appendix includes a reading plan and subject index.

The Family Walk Devotional Bible is a good choice for conservative and evangelical Christian families who are looking for a family devotional.









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