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The Couples' Devotional Bible

Published by Zondervan Publishing House in 1994, the Couples' Devotional Bible supplements the New International Version text with devotional readings for married couples. Interspersed throughout the text, these devotionals include questions intended to help a couple talk about real issues within a marriage relationship.

The Couples' Devotional Bible was edited by the staff of Marriage Partnership magazine, an evangelical Christian publication, who solicited devotions from more than a hundred Christian speakers, writers, and seminarians.

Each devotional includes a verse and passage for the day, a reading, a question section, and some additional passages of Scripture. Readings are organized according to the days of the week, with special sections for Saturday and Sunday. A reading plan, biographies of authors, and a subject index are included in the appendixes.

Couples who are looking for a Bible that can help them deepen their relationship will be happy



with this one.











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