State Capital

State Capital - Augusta

Established by the State Legislature of 1827

    Long before Europeans made their way up the Kennebec River, the Abenaki people were here. They called the area Cushnoc, which can mean consecrated place, or the tide runs no farther up the Kennebec.

    As early as 1607, the area was explored by English settlers from the Popham Colony at the riverís mouth, but pilgrims from the Plymouth Colony were the first to settle here. First arriving in 1625, they established a trading post along the shores of the Kennebec a couple of years later, abandoning it sometime between 1669 and 1676.

    There were French and English influences in the area during the 17th and 18th centuries, settling both sides of the Kennebec River.

    Schooners once docked in Augusta, allowing goods and people to travel back and forth between Augusta and Boston.

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