A Matter of History

Soldier Pond - Wallagrass - New Canada

I would very much appreciate any information that you can give me on the history of these localities, of which so little has been written. In their own areas, I will be compiling whatever I can learn of the history of these towns.


Aroostook County

On a separate page, I have related the history of Aroostook County using several sources, including the Maine Historical Society, the Maine State Archives, and the archives of the University of Maine at Fort Kent, as well as other sources attributed separately.


Aroostook War

The State of Maine is the only state to have ever declared war unilaterally when it declared war against Canada at the onset of this brief conflict (1838-1839) concerning the Maine - New Brunswick border.  On a separate page, I have related the history of this war, as I understand it from online sources, most significantly.  I would very much like to know how Soldier Pond figured into this conflict.


Maine Railroads

The railroad played an important part in the history of the state of Maine.  I have compiled a history of railroads in Maine, drawn from several sources, most significantly the State of Maine.  You will also find several photographs of railroad companies that have operated within the State of Maine.