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Before we start coming up with solutions from the top of our heads, let’s review a couple of basic axioms that cannot be changed.

First, the church is composed of believers and their offspring. Second, the church should worship together as one unit, and it is not right to regularly exclude someone from that worship, denying them the value that is found in the worship of Christ.

If we believe that God has fully furnished his church with everything necessary to effectively worship the Lord, then we must accept that we cannot improve upon what God has given us in his word.

When difficulties arise in the church, they may be overcome by whatever method is expedient, but we should insist that this expediency must always operate within the framework that God has established.

Thus, to use an expedient method of handling the crying infant or restless toddler which is in accordance with the stated will of God is acceptable, but to use a method that sets aside that which God has established favors man’s wisdom over the wisdom of God.

In the long run, that’s not really expedient at all.









Overview of Bible Study