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This is an ambitious project, one that I had all but abandoned during a time in which I married, sold my business, and moved from Texas to Maine, but which I have recently gotten back to working on in my spare time, even while maintaining several others.

While it is yet largely undone, I do plug away at it as time permits, so you should begin to see content on pages which have long been unpopulated.

I endeavor to be fair and accurate in my representations but, being fully human, I may err from time to time. Please do contact me if you should come across anything that you believe to be inaccurate, unfair, or incomplete.

Please stick around awhile, make use of the content that is here, and check back with it every now and then. If you are interested in books, music, films, software, or other Christian items, I now have an online store, which I'll be adding to frequently.

As for myself, I was raised in a Swedish Evangelical Mission Covenant Church in the small town of Wallace, Michigan. Through my own experiences and study, I have since embraced Anabaptist thoughts in matter of Christianity, but have, at various times in my life, been a member of the Anaheim Grace Brethren Church, where I served as a deacon; the Los Fresnos Christian Church, where I served as interim pastor for a time; the Los Fresnos Church of Christ, as church secretary; the First Baptist Church of Edinburg; and the Millinocket Baptist Church, where I served as deacon.

My wife and I are currently attending an Anabaptist home church in Kingman, Maine, known as Shiloh, a part of the Haushaben Community Project in Northern Maine.

-- Ken Anderson


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Overview of Bible Study