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Selecting a translation is only the first step in choosing a Bible. Because Bibles come in a wide variety of flavors, you must decide not only upon a translation or version, but also on how you want your Bible to be packaged. It hasn't always been this complicated.

Publishing companies have devised strategies for Bible publication and sales. First, as we have seen, new translations and versions are being developed on a fairly regular basis. Second, the publishing companies have explored every possible market, with Bibles being published in a variety of formats or types, each intended to appeal to a specific target audience.

Many people look first to the supplementary features offered by a particular Bible even before deciding upon a translation. Probably it should be the other way around, yet there is nothing wrong with considering the availability of additional features as a part of the process of choosing a translation. Selecting an appropriate translation before deciding on the format will increase the likelihood that your Bible will become a cherished part of your life for many years. My own opinion is that everyone should own at least two Bibles: one that is selected for the merits of its translation alone, and perhaps even devoid of supplementary features; the other in a reliable translation, but with extra features which meet your own particular needs.

If you are unsure, buy an inexpensive paperback copy before committing to a more expensive hardcover or leatherbound edition.

In the end, the decision is your's. Your choice needn't be a final one, for in this day of new and newer versions, you'll have a chance to choose again and again.

We've already looked at most of the modern English translations of the Bible, and some that are already out of print. Now, we'll look at the variety of types of Bibles that are currently available, including Study Bibles, Specialty Bibles, and those Bibles intended to appeal to children or teenagers. If you are aware of any that I've missed, please let me know so that I can include it in an update of this site.





Overview of Bible Study