New Canada - July 2002

Photos from New Canada, Maine - July, 2002

I returned to New Canada in July of 2002, on the occasion of the dedication of the monument to the Holy Family Parish Church, and groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Community Center, to be built where the church once stood.

The ceremonies were very nice; a credit to all of those who have worked to make the new Community Center the reality that we can expect to see in January of 2003; and the picnic that followed was wonderful.

I took some photographs of the dedication ceremonies, and of a part of New Canada not well represented in the earlier collection.

Mr. Rodney Pelletier, New Canada Town Manager, tells me that the completion date for the Community Center is anticipated to be January of 2003.

Prayer to The Holy Family

Help Us to Live As
The Holy Family, United
In Respect and Love.
Bring Us to the
Joy and Peace of
Your Eternal Home.
Grant This Through
Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, Who Lives
Reigns With You and
The Holy Spirit, One God,
Father and Son.

Site of the
Holy Family Parish Church

Parish Established
July 1, 1906
Parish Closed
July 2, 2000

1906-1911 Rev. Joseph Drolet
1911-1912 Rev. Joseph Raimbault
1912-1916 Rev. Alexandre Laventure
1916-1918 Rev. John M. Chategnon
1918-1925 Rev. Isidore Pihan
1925-1929 Rev. Wilford L. Ouellete
1929-1938 Rev. Emile Robiaille
1938-1943 Rev. Walter Celinas
1943-1960 Rev. Lorenz Poliquin
1960-1968 Rev. Ralph C. Corbeil
1968-1969 Rev. Gilman Chaloux
1969-1974 Rev. Sylvio Levesque
1975-1979 Rev. Claude Albert
1979-1986 Rev. Raymond Picard
1986-1990 Rev. Ronald Michaud
1990-1993 Rev. William M.Barter
1993-1996 Rev. Michael J. Seavey
1996-1998 Rev. Jean Paul Labrie
1998-2000 Rev. James Plourde