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The Gospels in Scouse is a vernacular version from the Liverpool area translated by Dick Williams and Frank Shaw in 1967, revised in 1977. Frank Shaw is a Catholic Irish customs officer and Dick Williams is a Protestant minister, both from Liverpool. There is a glossary at the end of the book. The translation follows J. M. Thompson's edition of the synoptic Gospels.


The Gospels in Scouse may be available used from



A few examples:

John 1:1-4

      Before God did owt else e ad summat er say. It wus is last werd. Only it come first. An it summed up is ole attitude to evrythink.
      Now dis werd wus wid God. Fact it was part'n parcil uv im. So at start uv evrythink an a long time fore man was akshully made, God's werd to men wus ready and waitin.
      Everythink there is wus made by this werd. E wus God's one and ony contractor for de ole Universe job. Nowt at all as ever got made sept through this d'partm'nt uv God ... wot we call is "werd".
      Now just becus dis werd is part uv God isself, all God's life is in im. An dis life is de light what shines on evrybody. Dis is de light wot evryody needs.

John 1:14

    So wot I've bin saying, like, is this. God's ole attitude to the werld became flesh. All wot God's got ter say about man became a man -- Real Man. An de Real Man l ived among us. We could see just exackly wot e was like. An e wus terrific! An you could see e wusn't juss on'y the truth about man. E wus also the truth about God. you could. Honest.

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