Overlook Motel - Exterior

In early October, the leaves are starting to turn but the temperatures are not yet uncomfortable; perfect, to my tastes in weather.

Iím not very familiar with Eagle Lake, although perhaps Iíll do an Eagle Lake site at some point in time, I am more familiar with Wallagrass and Soldier Pond, to the north of Eagle Lake, and New Canada, northwest of Soldier Pond. This is a beautiful part of the state and country, rich both in natural resources and in history.

The Overlook Motel can be found on the east side of Route 11 near the north end of Eagle Lake.
From the rear of the motel you can see the patios that are included with most of the rooms.
The red Chevrolet S-10 PU parked outside of Room 12 is mine.
Behind the Overlook Motel is a private path to the lake, where you will find its lakeside cabins, a gazebo, and a private beach.
The Overlook's private beach.