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The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

    Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. -- Matthew 13:45-46

This short but well-known parable is similar to the one that precedes it, the parable of the hidden treasure, and is a continuation of the same teaching.

No doubt, we are supposed to understand the gospel in its revelation of life eternal, but it wouldn't be a wide departure from the scope of this parable to consider Christ himself as the pearl, with which the gospel enriches all believers. Whatever preciousness there is in the gospel, it is entirely derived from Christ, for it is the gospel of Christ. He is the author, the subject, and the glory.

The similitude, Christ likened to a pearl

  • Pearls are mysterious
  • Pearls are noted for their variety
  • Resemblance and dissimilarity
    • Numerous pearls but only one Savior
    • God has sent many priests, prophets, and evangelists, but only one Redeemer
  • Pearls are precious and valuable

How this pearl is obtained

  • Diligently searched for
    • Christian likened to a merchant seeking precious pearls
    • Spiritual pursuit of the soul after Christ
  • Everything sacrificed for it possession
    • Sold all that he had
    • No one can merit the possession of Christ
    • Soul itself must be given up to Christ
    • Renouncing everything else, we gain the precious pearl

To the happiness and advantage of those who have found it

  • Christ meets all the needs of our soul
    • Ignorant, in Christ we have knowledge and wisdom
    • Naked, in Christ we are clothed
    • Hungry, Christ is the bread of life
    • Guilty, Christ is our pardon
    • Unholy, Christ is our righteousness
    • Perishing, Christ is or deliverer
  • Christ meets our Christian desires
    • Every holy and spiritual desire is met in Christ
      • Desires after peace
      • Desires after holiness
      • Desires after joy
      • Desires after heaven
  • Christ is our eternal salvation

Application of the parable

  • The wisdom of true religion
  • The happiness of true believers
  • Share this truth with unbelievers
  • How poor are those who reject this pearl





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