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The Parable of the Hidden Treasure

    The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. -- Matthew 13:44

Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven, or the gospel dispensation, to a treasure hidden in a field. Christ may have been referring to people who were in the habit of burying their valuable in the ground, fearing invasion. Or he could have been referring to fields containing precious ore. The parable carries the same meaning, either way.

Consider the gospel as a hidden treasure, found by a penitent believer who, in joy, was willing to sacrifice everything in order to have it for his own.

The gospel as a treasure

  • A treasure of knowledge and truth
    • Saving truth
  • A treasure of precious promises
    • Pardon
    • Acceptance
    • Adoption
    • Sanctification
    • Grace
  • A treasure of distinguished blessings
    • God's favor
    • Peace
    • Joy
  • Eternal life
    • Crown of life
    • Throne
    • Kingdom
    • Inheritance

The gospel as hidden

  • In the ancient types and sacrifices
    • All contain the seeds of the gospel truths
    • Referred to the Messiah
    • Promises of salvation
  • In the Old Testament prophecies
    • Testified of Christ
      • Metaphorically
      • Figuratively
  • To the prejudiced and the worldly
    • When Christ revealed the character of his kingdom to the Jews, they were so prejudiced that they could not discern in him their anticipated Messiah.
    • The worldly see nothing in the gospel message worthy of their attention.

The gospel as found by the penitent believer

  • The gospel is calculated to produce a penitent state of mind
  • The gospel is promised only to those who are penitent
    • Matthew 11:28

The gospel is purchased through the sacrifice of all

There is no indication in the parable that this implies any meritorious acts on the part of the sinner. The gospel is a system of grace, excluding all worthiness on the part of the sinner. However, it does require some action on the part of those who would receive it.

  • He must be willing to part with everything that he had previously valued
  • He must renounce all claims of ownership based on his own merit
  • He must abandon all his sins.
  • He must give himself up to the Lord
    • Romans 12:1

The gospel produces unspeakable joy

The joy is real, spiritual, and increasing.

Application of the parable

  • How thankful we should be for the gospel
  • How strong should be our desire to possess its treasures
  • How readily we should be willing to part with our earthly treasures in order to obtain it
  • While rejoicing in the gospel, we should desire to recommend it to those around us
  • Take care to hide this treasure in our hearts, hold it fast, and sell it not

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