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Pasty Central
The Cultural Context of the Pasty
Tony's Pasty Recipes

Restaurants, United States

Dobber's Pasties
UP for Pasties *
Captain Jack Pasties
Joe's Pasty Shop *
Mackinaw Pastie and Cookie Company
Lawry's Pasty Shop *
Marshall's Pasties
The Pasty Oven *
Ackroyd's Scottish Bake House *
Muldoon's Pasties and Gifts

Restaurants, United Kingdom

Ivor Dewdney Pasties
Holland's Pies
The Lizard Pasty Shop
The Cornish Pasty Shop *
Pukka Pies
Pengenna Pasties
Geo Adams


Pasty Central
The Cornish Oven
Ginsters Online
Wisconsin Folks Resources - Pasties


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