Across Five Aprils


There is a disturbing tendency among students today to simply pass by rather than to learn any new words that they may come across in the text of any reading material they may be assigned.

Help your students to enhance their own vocabularies while putting themselves in a position to better appreciate the novel by utilizing vocabulary building techniques.

In each chapter review, I have included a list of vocabulary words used in that specific chapter of the novel.

In each chapter review, I have also included crosswords and other exercises that can be used for the purpose of vocabulary enhancement; or you may prefer to have your students create their own crosswords or words search puzzles, using vocabulary words from the novel.

Other ideas include:

  • Have students spell each vocabulary word correctly, define it, and use it in a sentence.
  • Assign students to use a specific vocabulary word from the novel at least ten times in one day, keeping a record of when, how, and why the word was used.