Maine History - 5

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1) Who built the nation's first oilcloth factory?
2) What was the first lighthouse completed after the founding of the nation?
3) Who was Maine's second Independent governor?
4) Where were golf tees first produced?
5) Which Sangerville man invented the machine gun?
6) Where was the nation's first white-flour mill?
7) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Hawthorne both graduated from which school in 1825?
8) Where were the first shoes made in Maine?
9) Most of the city of Bangor was destroyed by fire in ...
10) Which city was home to the nation's oldest city-owned railroad?
11) Which historic fort is in Portland?
12) Which of the following historic forts is not on an island?
13) Which historic fort was once named Fort Castine?
14) Which fort overlooks the site of the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War?
15) Which fort was built specifically for the Aroostook War?
16) Which fort was built by the Plymouth Company in 1754?
17) Where is the Isaac Farrar Mansion?
18) Where is the Dr. Moses Mason House?
19) What were the years of the Aroostook War?
20) What were the years of Dummer's War?
21) What were the years of King Philip's War?
22) Which of the following persons was not associated with the Aroostook War?
23) Millinocket was built by Great Northern Paper Company in ...
24) Founded in 1774 as Sudbury Canada, this community is now known as ...
25) Cornish, Maine was first known as ...

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