Maine History - 4

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1) The Seacoast Trolley Museum is located in ...
2) Where was Judge Crater's home when he vanished in 1930?
3) What are the livelihoods of the two men depicted on the Maine State Seal?
4) What is Maine's official state animal?
5) Who were the first Native Americans to be granted the right of representation in the Maine legislature?
6) From the founding of the Republic until Maine became a state, the central and southern parts of the state were ...
7) Maine's first antislavery newspaper was named ...
8) When did school attendance first become compulsory for Maine children?
9) In which year did Maine experience a frost every month?
10) Which naval commander is said to have sunk every ship he ever engaged?
11) Where was Maine's first medical school?
12) Who produced the first commercially-produced wooden toothpick?
13) Which community had more sawmills than any other in 1682?
14) When and where was the last log drive on a Maine river?
15) During the 1850s, what was the world's busiest lumber port?
16) Where did the townspeople of Machias make plans to attack the British schooner Margaretta, which was anchored in the harbor in 1770?
17) What is a Queen Atlantic
18) The largest wooden ship built in America was the ...
19) Which community was the staging point for Benedict Arnold's expeditionary force assembled to attack Quebec in 1775?
20) Which Maine town was one of the last to use magneto (crank) telephones?
21) Where is the last active Shaker community in the nation?
22) Where is the Strathglass Park Historic District?
23) Where was iron ore first discovered in Maine?
24) For what was Harold Casey of Passadumkeag best known?
25) Which Maine town was founded by William W. Thomas in 1870?

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