Maine History - 3

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1) How many men from Maine served in the Union army during the Civil War?
2) Sebastien Rale was ...
3) The first Maine State Prison was in ...
4) Who was Maine's first Independent governor?
5) Who was the only Maine governor elected from the No Nothing Party?
6) Which of the following Maine governors was a Whig?
7) In 1880, the Democrats and Greenbackers joined forces to elect a governor. Who was the only Maine governor elected from this Fusion Party?
8) Who was the only Maine governor to serve non-consecutive terms?
9) Who was the only Maine governor from Fort Fairfield?
10) Which of the following communities have elected the most Maine governors?
11) Which of the following Maine governors was from Island Falls
12) Which Maine governor was from Skowhegan?
13) Which 19th century Maine congressman was killed in a duel?
14) The University of Maine was established at ...
15) Which Augusta native served as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court?
16) Who started America's gum-chewing habit?
17) Which Maine native served as U.S. Attorney General from 1846-1848?
18) How many militiamen did Gov. Thomas Pownall lead up the Penobscot River in May 1759?
19) Which community called itself Maine's Prettiest Village?
20) Who invented the steam log hauler?
21) How many Liberty Ships were built in South Portland during World War II?
22) Who drove a Stanley Steamer automobile to the top of Mount Washington in 1902?
23) Where is the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum?
24) What was the first newspaper published in Maine?
25) Where is the oldest naval shipyard in the nation?

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