Maine History - 2

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1) Where was Nelson Rockefeller born?
2) When did Maine become a state?
3) Which of the following tribes is not native to Maine?
4) How far could the longest-range cannon at Fort Knox shoot?
5) Who wrote the education sections of Maine's constitution?
6) America's first secretary of war was ...
7) Who is Kittery's most famous native son?
8) The Lafayette Elm in Kennebunk is associated with ...
9) Fort George is at ...
10) Fort Levett is ...
11) Who was Maine's governor just after the Civil War?
12) How many Portland streets are named after William Pitt Fessenden?
13) The nation's first city to adopt military training in its public schools was ...
14) Where was Edmund S. Muskie born?
15) What mayor of Portland ran for president on the Prohibition Party ticket?
16) When was Machias settled?
17) Charles Bulfinch ...
18) When was Ed Muskie first elected governor of Maine?
19) Benedict Arnold led a successful march through Maine to Quebec in ...
20) What year was the Great Portland Fire?
21) Where is the oldest pile bridge in America?
22) The first sardine cannery was built in ...
23) Who led an entire American fleet to defeat in 1779?
24) When was Maine's worst forest fire?
25) Whom did Grover Cleveland defeat when he ran for president in 1884?

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