Maine Geography - 5

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1) Where is Walker's Point?
2) Where does Maine rank in size among the New England states?
3) Which province is Maine's closest Canadian neighbor?
4) Moxie Falls is in ...
5) Which scenic waterfall has the highest drop?
6) Baxter Woods is a bird sanctuary ...
7) What is Maine's major transportation artery?
8) What is Maine's principal dry cargo port?
9) Where is Spencer Bay?
10) Which river separates Lewiston from Auburn
11) Which river separates Waterville from Winslow?
12) How many ponds named Round are in Maine?
13) Maine's largest iron mine once operated from the foot of ...
14) What happened to the town of Flagstaff?
15) How many Black Brooks are there in Maine?
16) Maine's longest river is the ...
17) Where was the world's largest emerald beryl discovered?
18) Mount Desert Island contains how many mountains?
19) Where is Maine's largest saltwater marsh?
20) Where did the first transatlantic balloon flight begin?
21) Bar Harbor was once named ...
22) Which town has a beach composed entirely of jasper pebbles?
23) The Great Heath is ...
24) Over how much of Maine are black bears found?
25) Which of the following islands is not related to the others?

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