Maine Geography - 3

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1) Where in Maine did the pirate captain Samuel Bellamy plan to build a pirate republic?
2) Mooselookmeguntick is a part of which chain of lakes?
3) Where are Pamola Peak, Knife Edge, and the Tableland?
4) Where is Lily Bay State Park?
5) Which is Maine's smallest county?
6) When people say, At Perry, it's deep red, what are they talking about?
7) Which river flows between Bucksport and Bangor?
8) Maine's first county was ...
9) The Worm Center of the World is ...
10) The trail that runs from the Austin Brook Trail to the Peabody Brook Trail is the ...
11) Which of the following is located in Bethel, on the border of Newry?
12) How far is it from Eastport to Lubec by boat?
13) Which of the following is located in Aroostook County?
14) The nation's first forest-fire lookout tower was built on which mountain?
15) The northern end of the Appalachian Trail is nearest to ...
16) Maine's longest county is ...
17) Maine's busiest seaport is ...
18) When Downeasters speak about Old Sow, they are talking about ...
19) Where is North America's only fjord?
20) The first limestone quarry opened in Maine was in ...
21) Peter Dana Point is ...
22) Where can a desert be found in Maine?
23) Where in Maine is North Bubble Mountain?
24) Which is the capital of Maine?
25) The Kennebec River begins at which lake?

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