Maine Geography - 2

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1) What is Maine's highest mountain?
2) Which is the largest county in Maine?
3) Which is Maine's second-largest lake?
4) Which Maine town is halfway between the North Pole and the equator?
5) Which Maine bog has been designated a national landmark?
6) Which is Maine's least-populated county?
7) How many islands are off the coast of Maine?
8) Which of the following is one of Maine's five largest islands?
9) Which of the following is one of Maine's five largest islands?
10) Which of Maine's coastal communities has the state's highest tides?
11) Maine has how many counties?
12) Who was the first person to map what is now the Maine coast?
13) Which of the following is among Maine's southernmost islands?
14) The Isles of Shoals originally had what name?
15) Which is Maine's most-populated county?
16) Appledore Island was first called ...
17) How many Maine counties are named to honor heroes of the American Revolution?
18) What is the only community in Maine that has the same name as a city in Spain?
19) Of the more than 400 communities in Maine, how many are designated as cities?
20) What percentage of Maine's residents live in its cities?
21) What is the correct pronunciation of Saco?
22) What is so special about Babb's Bridge?
23) Maine ranks in what order among the 50 states in land area?
24) The Allagash Wilderness Waterway flows through which Maine counties?
25) Captain Kidd's treasure is said to be buried on which Casco Bay island?

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