Maine Arts - 4

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1) Which well known painter of Maine seascapes was born in Hawaii?
2) Where can you find the Maine Women Writers Collection?
3) Who is the only American honored by a memorial bust in the Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey in London?
4) Trilby's Trumpet
5) Last Pine of Sweet Auburn
6) Marmelstein for President
7) The Perfidious Parrot
8) Who founded the Maine Union of Visual Artists?
9) The Pearl of Orr's Island
10) Which contemporary Maine painter is best known for his portraits of Maine cities?
11) No Other Place
12) Who founded the Maine Art Gallery in Wiscasset?
13) What marine artist was born at the Portland Alms House on March 16, 1852?
14) Who was named the state poet laureate in 1933?
15) What Skowhegan sculptor created an eight-foot-high metal grasshopper to hold his mailbox?
16) The Taste of Color, a Touch of Love
17) The Beans of Egypt, Maine
18) How old was Nathaniel Hawthorne when his mother took him to live in Raymond, on the shores of Sebago Lake?
19) Where was poet Leo Connellan, a three-time Pulitzer nominee, born?
20) Picking Up
21) Who founded the Maine French Fiddlers in 1987?
22) What Portland resident won the 1990 Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction?
23) Who was the author of a 2001 Lupine Award winner?
24) Which calligraphic artist also played string bass with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra in 1996?
25) Which Corea artist was hailed by critics in 1917 as the most accomplished avant-garde artist in America?

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