Maine Arts - 3

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1) Where is Wendell Gilley Gallery?
2) Stephen King
3) What Blue Hill resident was one of Maine's first notable painters in the late 1700s and early 1800s?
4) Islands, Allagash
5) The Little Locksmith
6) The Deep Sea
7) Where did painter Childe Hassam do much of his work in the 1880s?
8) Sculptor Robert Laurent lived in ...
9) Who founded the New England Music Camp at Belgrade Lakes in 1937?
10) 103rd Infantry March
11) What Portland resident sculpted busts of the men in Lincoln's cabinet?
12) Who introducted artist George Bellows to Monhegan Island in 1911?
13) What do the initials E.B. stand for in E. B. White's name?
14) Richard Hooker was the pen name of what Waterville physician who wrote M.A.S.H.?
15) Come Spring
16) The Old Peabody Pew
17) Booth Tarkington lived in ...
18) Edna Saint Vincent Millay
19) Rangeley October
20) Strange Holiness
21) Uncle Tom's Cabin
22) The Country of the Pointed Firs
23) Mainstays of Maine
24) Wildfire Loose: The Week Maine Burned
25) Maine artist Carlo Pittore's real name is ...

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