Maine Arts - 2

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1) Jesus Loves Me
2) Which of the following was a Black Point resident, and author?
3) Maine's largest writers and publishers organization is the ...
4) Twilight on the Kennebec
5) I Begin Through Grass: A Maine Journal
6) Which of the following was a Civil War battlefield illustrator and Prout's Neck resident?
7) Which Maine island was a magnet for painters of the Hudson River School?
8) Which Pulitzer Prize winner lived in Brunswick?
9) Which Pulitzer Prize winner wrote much of his work on a yacht anchored off Kennebunkport?
10) Which of the following was a novelist from York?
11) Artemus Ward
12) Who designed the Great Seal of Maine?
13) The hallway walls of what 1813 Bethel home still display their original Rufus Porter murals?
14) Hopalong Cassidy
15) Where is the Lillian Nordica Homestead Museum?
16) The Wadsworth-Longfellow House is in ...
17) The Scarlet Letter
18) All This and Heaven Too?
19) Sarah Orne Jewett
20) Rachel Field
21) Never put more than two waves in a painting
22) In 1905, artist Rockwell Kent first visited which Maine island?
23) The Lady of Aroostook
24) Icebound
25) Richard Bachman

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