Maine Arts - 1

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1) Which of the following Mainers won national fame as a sculptor?
2) Which of the following Maine residents achieved claim as a civil rights reformer?
3) Which of the following famous Maine residents was not an author or a poet?
4) Which composer wrote the first American oratorio?
5) Whose gift established the Ogunquit Museum of Art?
6) Which of the following was not a sculptor?
7) How tall is the Native-American monument in Skowhegan?
8) Sweetheart Sigh No More
9) Composer Walter Piston was born in ...
10) Who sculpted the statue of William Wadsworth Longfellow in Portland's Longfellow Square?
11) Where was artist Winslow Homer's studio?
12) Who wrote the march played at John F. Kennedy's funeral?
13) What is the real name of Farmington soprano Lillian Nordica, who made her American debut at the Metropolitan Opera in 1890?
14) Who designed Maine's Haystack Mountain School of the Arts on Jericho Bay?
15) Where is the William A. Farnsworth Art Museum?
16) Author E. B. White had a farm in ...
17) Where was poet Edward Arlington Robinson born?
18) Operatic soprano Emma Eames grew up in ...
19) The first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry was ...
20) Old Robin Bids Farewell
21) I Cannot Spin Tonight
22) Which Maine lighthouse is photographed most often?
23) A Salute to Maine
24) Which artist and sculptor was once captain of the Rockland girls basketball team?
25) De Water in de Ribber Might Be Wet

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