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The New Oxford Annotated Bible

The New Oxford Annotated Bible is a revision of the Oxford Annotated Bible, published in the 1960s using the Revised Standard Version. With the release of the New Revised Standard Version came the New Oxford Annotated Bible, published in 1991.

Each of the articles and notes in the original format were reviewed and edited, new articles were added where necessary, and some articles were replaced to utilize advances in Bible scholarship.

The articles and notes were the work of a team of reputable scholars representing ecumenical Christianity. The New Oxford Annotated Bible includes introductory notes to the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and the New Testament.

General articles include:

  • Modern Approaches to Biblical Study
  • Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry
  • Literary Forms in the Gospels
  • English Versions of the Bible
  • Survey of the Geography, History, and Archaelogy of the Bible Lands
  • Measures and Weights

In its presentation of the fruits of Bible scholarship, only the HarperCollins Study Bible and the original Oxford Annotated Bible compare favorably to the New Oxford Annotated Bible. This volume continues to represent the best of British and American Bible scholarship.

It is not entirely free of bias, and its notes will not always agree with those of the more conservative Study Bibles. Still, the general articles are great, as are the color maps. As with other annotated Study Bibles, the emphasis is on the text and notes rather than on other tools.



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