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The Life Application Study Bible

A combined venture of Tyndale House Publishers and Zondervan Publishing House, the Life Application Bible is based on notes and Bible helps developed for Youth for Christ/USA, intended to assist youths in applying the Bible to their daily lives.

The Life Application Study Bible contains application notes at the bottom of the page throughout the Bible text.

These notes have three parts:

  1. Explanation - Connecting the applications to the Scripture passage;
  2. Bridge - Making the Bible relevant to today; and
  3. Application - Showing how to apply the Bible to the reader's life.

An introduction to each book contains a timeline, vital statistics, an overview, an outline, megathemes, and a map. Other features include explanatory notes, profiles of Bible characters, maps scattered throughout the text, charts and diagrams, an index, and a dictionary.

The Life Application Study Bible has become one of the more popular Study Bibles. It has a conservative slant, evidenced in the notes and other material, is available in several Bible translations, and many features of this volume are useful in aiding Christians to devotion and practice.

The Life Application Study Bible is available in the New International Version and the New Living Translation.


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