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The Cambridge Annotated Study Bible

The Cambridge Annotated Study Bible, based on the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), is on the scholarly end of the spectrum. The format incorporates the work of Howard Clark Kee, an internationally acclaimed Bible scholar.

Following a standard annotated format, the Cambridge Annotated Study Bible begins with an introduction to the Bible, including a summary of the development of the Biblical canon, and introductions to individual books found in the Protestant canon. The Bible text is accompanied by notes in the outside margins, cross-references in the inside margins, and textual footnotes. The Bible text is followed by a glossary, Bible maps in color, and other tools for serious Bible study.

First published in 1993, the Cambridge Study Bible is mostly free of personal bias. The notes are clear and add greatly to the reader's understanding of the Bible text. The introductory material is also clear, concise, and extremely helpful.

If you are looking for a Study Bible, and you are happy with the NRSV translation, the Cambridge Annotated Study Bible would be an excellent choice.


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