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Ship of Fools, by Richard Paul Russo
The starship Argonos has wandered without purpose through space for hundreds of years when it receives a transmission from a strange planet.  For the first time in memory, the crew must make decisions that could change their lives forever. The author of Carlucci's Edge explores the timelessness of space travel and its effects on the human consciousness while simultaneously telling a tale of high adventure and personal drama in the far future.  A good choice for most sf collections. Paperback.



Terminal Visions, by Richard Paul Russo
Richard Paul Russo is known for his dark and sinister views of the future and the human spirit. In his first collection of short fiction, Russo presents a wide variety of tales - "More Than Night" and "In the Season of the Rains," tales of gritty alien encounters, and the ultimate road story, "Just Drive, She Said." In other stories, the hopelessness of the human condition is examined - on Earth in "Cities in Dust," in space in "The Open Boat," and in an alternate reality in "Prayers of a Rain God."  Of the 14 tales, 11 are set on Earth-and Russo's Earth can be far more alien than other worlds.  Hardcover.



The Whore's Child : And Other Stories, by Richard Russo
A first collection from Russo, who did so splendidly last year with Empire Falls.  Pre-publication offer.  Hardcover.


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