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Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography

This indispensable guide covers all the risks faced by photographers, lab personnel, and others involved with photographic chemicals and discusses how to ensure their health and safety. Coverage includes setting up a safe workplace, a review of which chemicals are harmful in various types of photographic processes, health issues in conservation and restoration, and right-to-know laws. "A complete guide." --The Rangefinder



Travel Photography, 2nd edition Travel Photography, 2nd edition

This new edition will help every photographer, whether amateur or experienced, to uncover new ways of taking exceptional pictures on the road. World-acclaimed travel photographer Susan McCartney offers both a definitive guide to honing skills as well as a business manual of expert tips for making each endeavor profitable. This new edition has been revised and expanded to cover: bringing equipment up-to-date; handling lighting; composing portrait, landscape, architecture, and location still life shots; planning and preparing for a travel shoots; editing; building a portfolio; working on assignment; selling to stock houses; shooting on location for businesses and corporations; and exploring opportunities on the World Wide Web. McCartney not only details the crucial steps in organizing a travel shoot and setting up equipment, but also reveals what to expect while actually shooting. She provides exciting self-assignments and sample itineraries to get started, as well as model releases in more than thirty languages. Packed with invaluable resources, business know-how, and inspirational examples of the author's own work, this book is indispensable to any photographer's work and career.



The Photojournalist's Guide to Making Money The Photojournalist's Guide to Making Money

by Michael Sedge. Market savvy, expert research, and first-rate resources combine to make this book the tutor that can take experienced photojournalists to new heights of success--while showing aspiring photojournalists how to begin their climb in a stimulating and rewarding field. This insider's look at how today's pros really sell their work details the powerful maneuvers they use. Step-by-step instructions tell how to establish a business, implement the latest research tactics, network with editors and other photo buyers, pitch to television producers, and expand business through lectures and teaching. Extensive sections in Internet marketing detail cutting-edge strategies for tapping into the lucrative photojournalism marketplace. 6X9, 224 pages; Softcover, 40 b&w illustrations, ISBN 1-58115-076-8.



Re-Engineering the Photo Studio Re-Engineering the Photo Studio

Re-Engineering the Photo Studio shows photographers of all specialties how to use digital imaging technology to heighten the quality of their images, increase profits, and upgrade their studios into competitive, self-sufficient operations. It tackles the hottest issues facing photographers today: how to get ahead of the fast-breaking changes in the business, provide customers with the most up-to-date services, and prepare for the technological advances of the future. Equally designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced computer users, the book explores every aspect of the transition from silver-based to digital imaging, including: - image acquisition and conversion, enhancement, and output - buying or upgrading a computer for digital imaging - integrating new hard- and software into both creative and business operations - shopping for a digital camera - methods for recording and storing images - creating a business plan - developing a lucrative Internet marketing strategy Chapters cover resolution, scanners, photo CD access, digital test prints, Web-ready images, file translation and conversion, removable media, pricing, digital delivery, and much more. The appendices contain tips for setting up a home-based studio, a glossary of digital imaging terms, and a complete listing of the companies mentioned, their addresses, and helpful Internet and Web locations. Re-Engineering the Photo Studio equips all photographers with the information and tools they need to maximize efficiency and profitability, and bring both their art and their business into the digital age.



The Law (in Plain English) for Photographers, revised edition The Law (in Plain English) for Photographers, revised edition

By Leonard D. DuBoff. The photographer's definitive business and legal resource is now completely updated and expanded. In this valuable guide, arts attorney Leonard DuBoff takes you step by step though all the legal aspects of the photography business. Here is expert advice for everything from contracts to trademarks, including government licenses, taxes, censorship, the rights of privacy and publicity, leases and insurance, estate planning, and more. This latest, up-to-the minute edition pays special attention to the legal challenges that have been brought about by digital cameras and the Internet. With the important legal advice found in this guide, you'll save thousands of dollars in attorney fees--and find expert legal assistance when you need it the most. 6 X 9, 224 pages; Paperback, ISBN 1-58115-225-6.



Mastering Black-and-White Photography Mastering Black-and-White Photography

Learn how to develop expert skills in the art and technique of black-and-white photography. The process is thoughtfully traced from cameras, lenses, and film to developing printing, light, and aesthetics. "From composing, to exposing, to processing, to mounting, to selling, this is a masterful book. Suess explains everything well--very well--with helpful diagrams and charts. . . . Bolstering the explanations, Suess offers a wealth of practical suggestions to improve your photography, many of which are just as useful when shooting color. . . . Even experienced photographers will find useful information in this book. . .--Popular Photography



Photography Your Way: A Career Guide to Satisfaction & Success Photography Your Way: A Career Guide to Satisfaction & Success

Rich with seasoned advice and practical tools for conquering fears behind the camera, this book is a motivational guide for anyone wanting to advance in the world of photography as a career or hobby. Following a review of basic equipment, training, and the digital revolution, the author outlines career avenues and options; ways to trigger inspiration; current photography trends and markets; grant information, creative business strategies, contests, clubs, and professional associations; and business, legal, and ethical issues.



How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell, 3rd edition How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell, 3rd edition

by Michal Heron. Written by a leader in the world of stock photography, this completely revised and updated third edition of How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell provides practical, detailed advice on every area of producing, marketing, and selling stock photography--from the basics of planning and producing a shoot to running a successful stock business. New to this edition is updated information on digital photography, including techniques for shooting with digital cameras and using digital imaging, as well as surefire ways to market stock photography on the Web. 8 x 10; 224 Pages; Softcover, ISBN 1-58115-087-3.



Pricing Photography: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices, 3rd edition Pricing Photography: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices, 3rd edition

by Michal Heron and David MacTavish. This classic trade reference tool provides photographers with a wealth of time-tested information on everything from estimating prices, identifying pricing factors, negotiating fair deals, and much more. Chapters include practical information on the economics of photography, cutting-edge negotiation techniques, and the specifics of pricing electronic media. Over fifty pages of at-a-glance pricing charts help photographers tailor their pricing to suit any sales situation. Plus, readers will also find a complete "buyer's guide" for art directors and editors, a comprehensive glossary, and dozens of ready-to-use worksheets and forms for even more instant help. A must-have addition to every photographer's bookshelf. 11 x 8 1/2, 160 pages; Paperback, ISBN 1-58115-207-8.



The Business of Studio Photography, revised edition The Business of Studio Photography, revised edition

By Edward R. Lilley. Portrait and wedding photographers will find scores of proven-effective strategies for starting a new studio or improving an existing one in this thoroughly updated edition of the industry classic. This volume provides practical advice and surefire strategies for every aspect of operating a photography studio: from choosing a location, financing, and equipping the business to pricing jobs, negotiating with photo labs, and selling to the public. Here are scores of no-nonsense guidelines for devising short- and long-term business plans, handling paperwork effectively, conducting public relations and self-promotion programs, and more. Also included is an all-new section on the use of digital photography as well as completely revised lists of Web sites, equipment, and other photography resources. ". . . the book could help photographers avoid some of the distress of a highly competitive studio business." --Studio Photography. 6 3/4 x 9 7/8, 336 pages, Paperback, ISBN 1-58115-254-X.



The Writer's Internet Handbook The Writer's Internet Handbook

Writers surfing the Web for vital information will find their way around more easily with this definitive guide to point the way. Whether its gathering background information for a story or the search to place it once it's written, this book shows writers all the basics for getting connected to do research, publish, publicize, and create ongoing marketing opportunities on the Internet and World Wide Web. Includes interviews with "info pros" and a glossary of Internet terminology.